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READING RE-CAP: Sylvia Sukop at Wordspace

Sylvia Sukop at Wordspace (Photo by Bonnie Kaplan)

In an evening of readings at Wordspace in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 13, curated by Chiwan Choi and Judeth Ode, the publishers of Writ Large Press, Sylvia Sukop read a fresh excerpt from her memoir, a work-in-progress centered on the death of her teenaged brother Alex. The excerpt touched on the aftermath of that loss and an unexpected encounter in her own backyard. (Photo by Bonnie Kaplan)

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READINGS: Sylvia Sukop at Wordspace on Sun. February 13th AND Erika Ayon at the Cobalt Cafe on Tuesday, Feb. 15th

OPEN WORDSPACE: Your Heart Is On Fire. Put it Out :: w/Writ Large Press

Sunday, February 13th – 5:00 – 9:00 pm

Wordspace ( Find us from Glendale or Fletcher Ave down LaClede to Minneapolis)

3191 Casitas, #156

Los Angeles, CA

  Another evening of blazing fiction, poetry, non-fiction and more.
Open reads sign up at 5:30 and show from 6:00-8:00.
This time with Host Shirley Anderson & Co-host Judeth Oden Choi of Writ Large Press – bringing us featured readers from past WL publications:

Sylvia Sukop – non-fiction
Eachan Holloway – poetry
Chris Kerr – fiction
Mike Sonksen – spoken word poetry
Jonathan Jay – fiction

And we hope some kicking music along the way.
$5 suggested donation to help the space!

See you there – Wordspace.


Valley Contemporary Poets present ERIKA AYON plus open reading
Tuesday, February 15, 2011 ~ 9:00 pm
Cobalt Cafe
22047 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA


Erika Ayon was a 2009 PEN fellow in poetry. She’s completing her first chapbook, Orange Lady, drawn from her childhood memories of working with her father selling fruit out of a cart.


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PHOTOGRAPHS: Sylvia Sukop’s “I forget myself (I forget you)”

© 2010 Sylvia Sukop

© 2010 Sylvia Sukop


Check out Sylvia Sukop’s breathtaking photograph series “I forget myself (I forget you)” on her website.

Below is her artist statement about the new series:

This new series of cell phone photographs is a direct outgrowth of Chron. As in that experiment, I’ve established rules including no cropping or manipulation of the image once it’s been shot; these are direct downloads from my phone. I am especially interested in shooting in “bad light” and seeing the shifts, ghostly at times, of colors and forms that emerge.

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Sylvia Sukop and Mehnaz Turner represent Emerging Voices 2009 at Strange Cargo Release Party

Brava to Sylvia Sukop, Mehnaz Turner and all the Emerging Voices alumni who read at the release party for STRANGE CARGO, an Emerging Voices Anthology, at Skylight Books!  Congratulations again to EV alumni whose work is included in STRANGE CARGO!  MMIX Writers, Erika Ayon, John Boucher, Rachelle Cruz and Parnaz Foroutan are also featured.

Sylvia Sukop and Mehnaz Turner representing MMIX and EV 2009 at Skylight Books. Photo by Bonnie Kaplan

Sylvia Sukop and Rachelle Cruz chat before the STRANGE CARGO reading. Photo by Bonnie Kaplan

Skylight Bookstore is packed with folks hungry for stories. Photo by Bonnie Kaplan

"These are voices which demand to be heard, and the reader is grateful that...they have received the help, guidance and encouragement to allow their unique sound, their irreplaceable vision, to reach the reading world." Former EV Mentor and author advocate of the Emerging Voices program, Janet Fitch reads her foreword in STRANGE CARGO. Photo by Bonnie Kaplan

Sylvia Sukop reads excerpts from her memoir, DIFFICULT LIGHT. Photo by Bonnie Kaplan

"I remembered when Alex was little, taking him to a small ski area in Pennsylvania, not far from where we lived then. I taught him to ski by placing him and his short skis in between my long ones, both of us facing forward. He leaned back against my legs, neither of us using poles, and we glided down the slope as one, going not for speed but for a fearless and intuitive connection with the snow." - excerpt from DIFFICULT LIGHT by Sylvia Sukop, published in STRANGE CARGO. Photo by Bonnie Kaplan

"When I die, I said, pointing at the crumbs/ on my plate, bury me in these." - Mehnaz Turner reads "Second Eulogy", a poem from her memoir in verse, TONGUE-TIED. Photo by Rachelle Cruz

"All day the liquored branches/ seemed to flirt. My husband whispers,/ let's hug a tree. Some are 3000/ years ancient, and for once I feel/ less like an aging teacher/ with wisps of white hair/ behind the ears." - Mehnaz Turner's poem "Lip-Reading in Sequoia," included in both her memoir in verse, TONGUE TIED, and the EV anthology, STRANGE CARGO. Photo by Rachelle Cruz

Friend of L.A. writers and Erika Ayon enjoy supporting indie bookstores, like Skylight! Photo by Bonnie Kaplan

Marytza Rubio, Davin Malasarn, Cara Chow, Pireeni Sundaralingam and Mehnaz Turner -- all Emerging Voices alumni-- show off the new anthology, STRANGE CARGO. Photo by Bonnie Kaplan

For more information on purchasing STRANGE CARGO, an Emerging Voices anthology, please visit PEN USA’s website here.


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MMIX Writers at West Hollywood Book Fair

West Hollywood Book Faire presents
Homo-Centric Reading
Sunday, September 26, 10:00 a.m- 6 p.m.
Sylvia Sukop will be reading at 11:00 a.m.
John Boucher will be reading at 1:00 p.m.
Booth # E-34
Check out John Boucher and Sylvia Sukop at the 9th Annual West Hollywood Book Fair!  They’ll be reading their work as a part of  homo-centric, a monthly reading series currently hosted at Stories Books and Cafe in Echo Park.  They also “foster a sense of community by creating this space for GLBTQI writers to gather & share their words.”  Stay tuned for more details on homo-centric’s reading schedule at the Fair!

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