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PUBLISHED and more!: Erika Ayon’s “Shooting Ladybugs” in Splinter Generation

Lots of good news this month from MMIX writers!

Congratulations to Erika Ayon!  Her poem “Shooting Ladybugs” was published in the multigenre online journal, Splinter Generation.  Check it out here.

On June 30, 2010 @ 7:00pm, Erika will be reading as part of the annual Newer Poet reading part of the ALOUD series at Central Library. This event is free!  For more details and reservations, check out the Library Foundation of Los Angeles’ website here.


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PUBLISHED: John Boucher’s “Speaking in Tongues” featured in inscape

Congratulations to John!  His nonfiction piece, “Speaking in Tongues,” was published and reviewed in inscape’s 2009 issue.  inscape is Washburn University’s literary journal.

You can read the review — written by Terri Denton and featured on — below:

John Boucher’s nonfiction piece, “Speaking in Tongues,” is a heartbreaking rendition of the loss of his life-partner and lover, Rex. Reading this, I was brought nearly to tears. Pouring out his soul, the author writes, “When Rex got off the phone, he found me waiting on our couch. The couch we picked out. / The couch we made love on / the couch we watched TV on / the couch we read to each other on / [. . .] the couch we almost broke-up on / the couch I would wait with my parents to go to his funeral. The couch I finally had to throw out.” Further in Rex’s story, Boucher has asked Rex’s estranged mother if she’d like something of Rex’s. Rex’s sister, Ruth, leaves a message on John’s answering machine with Rex’s mom’s request: “She said what she’d really like is a picture – of you both. She said when you spoke to her at that restaurant it was just like talkin’ to married people.” When Boucher explains that he sent the last picture that was saved on Rex’s camera – of the two of them at John’s father’s birthday – it is a palpable loss that the reader feels. It is as if Boucher’s loss belongs to each and every one.

For more information on inscape, click here.

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PHOTO GALLERY: MMIX Reading at Cafe Muse

SEX, LIES AND LITERATURE at Cafe Muse was a lot of fun.  Thanks to all who came out to support!

Five members of MMIX at the cafe in Hollywood. (Left to right: Sylvia Sukop, Marissa Tinloy, Thi Dao, Erika Ayon and Rachelle Cruz)

Thi Dao reading a short story about a woman who has phone sex for a living.

Rachelle Cruz reading poems written in varying styles, all about sex.

Marissa Tinloy reading from her novel. This passage touched on the power and loneliness of secrets.

Erika Ayon reading one poem about sex, one about lies and one about literature.

Sylvia Sukop reading from her memoir.

 And a big thanks to our friends for supporting!


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